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Ecole Montessori Agadir dans Autre

Ihsan B.
Ihsan B.

Hello everyone, this is a message to everyone trying to enrol their kids in Montessori academy. Be very careful, the director is a typical crook, known for his maliciousness, he doesn't t follow the rules of Montessori education at all. All the good teachers run away from this school because he doesn't t pay them their salaries. He has so many lawsuits against him, I have one against him too. I am following him in court right now because I was fooled and I paid one year fees for my daughter and before she started her tuition I told him I will go back to UK and up to now he didn't give me refund of my money. Basically I found out later that he just came out of jail. so be careful , don t put ur kids there cuz once they will start studying in English it will be hard to take them back to French system and there is no other English school in Agadir, so u will be trapped.

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Doae "Doudou"Vip3
Doae "Doudou" dit:

i don't have kids but i once read about the montessori system and fell in love with it. but i think that the problem is no only in agadir or with the director of agadir's montessori but in the whole montessories in morocco. because once the kid finishes his primary education you will have to send him to canada to study, there's no montessori junior high or high school in morocco. now you have 2 reasons to not educate your kids in montessori. the director and the futur of your child

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Daniel P.
Daniel P. dit:

a school like these should be reported to the moroccain minister of education, it is not only for the good of the moroccain kids also for other nationality, morocco should give a good image for the education systeme. any way the truth will come out one day or another i just feel so sorry for the kids they will be lost, in their schooling system, hop the employees of the school will stand out for the rigth thing.

for the parent they should investigate the school and do some reasersh befor enroling their kids.
as for the montessori education we have to live it to the other countries.......

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Ihsan B.
Ihsan B. dit:

How he paid you Rita to say these lies???? shame on to lie and say that psycho man is a fantastic guy

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