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Imlil Authentic Toubkal Lodge ,Atlas Mountain home stay dans Voyages

Imlilauthent T.
Imlilauthent T.

Imlil Toubkal Authentic Lodge is a traditional Berber house perched above Imlil in the village of Arghen near the Mazike village.
The situation of The Lodge provides you with excellent views and stunning sceneries on Imlil’s valley and towards the Toubkal summit.
From the balcony, you can mentally prepare yourself for the day head whilst we provide an ample breakfast to fuel your adventures. Moreover, The Lodge is ideally located for hiking in the surrounding valleys and summiting mountain peaks including the famous Jebel Toubkal.
We do not have sherpas in Morocco, but muleteers with their mules will take care of your heavy rucksacks and after your excursions The Lodge offers hot showers and we prepare you mint tea that will restore you. We have also more relaxing courses available if you would prefer something more crafty and creative.

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