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Content guidelines

General Rules

Blanee is an application where you can share different types of content: reviews, photos, private messages, events and much more. Every comment, whatever your opinion is, can be expressed as long as it remains courteous. These guidelines define some general behavior and ideas about content to keep Blanee a friendly and welcoming place for al.

  • Inappropriate content: Blanee is a place to share good businesses and tips. Hence, it’s useless to threaten or harrass others, or use hate speech.
  • Promotional content: Keep your content unbiased and do not use reviews to promote businesses.
  • Relevance: Find the good forum. If you have personal complaints to express, do it, but not on Blanee.
  • Privacy: Blanee is a user reviews application, but it doesn’t that all information should be published. Do not post reviews or comments containing names, surnames, phones or other personal information about other people without asking them.
  • Intellectual property: The best review is the one that is written after a personal experience. Do not copy other sites’ content, please use your own words and attach your own photos.

Other rules

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