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What is Blanee ?

Blanee is the best way to find good local businesses ranging from restaurants to shopping centres and spas based on real people’s reviews. It’s an easy way to find what’s interesting – and what should be avoided – around you.

Is Blanee free ?

Yes ! Blanee is totally free.

Why use Blanee ?

Why not ask your friends ? Blanee is basically an amplified word-of-mouth:

  • Blanee creates a simple an easy and fun way for locals to give their opinions about places that they know and visit more or less frequently.
  • An active community of real locals talks about different subjects.

Who uses Blanee ?

Everyone who needs to be informed about his city’s businesses. Blanee users are :

  • Locals who constantly need to know what’s going on in their city and share their knowledge.
  • Real people who visited a place or used a service and want to share their experience with their friends and other Blaners.
  • Tourists who want to plan for their trip.

What should I review on Blanee ?

On Blanee, you can review almost any type of business :

  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Nightlife
  • Beauty and Spas
  • Health and Medical
  • Hotels and Travel
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Professional services
  • Arts and leisure
  • Event planning and services
  • Local services
  • Home services
  • Real estate
  • Financial services
  • Coffee and ice cream shops
  • Animal

Who can see me and my reviews on Blanee ?

Blanee visitors can see your first name, the first letter of your last name (for instance Sarah T.) and can read your reviews.

Is Blanee in my city ?

Blanee is currently in most of Morocco’s, Tunisia’s and Egypt’s cities. Stay tuned for more!

I am a business owner and some of my reviews disappeared from the business page. Why?

Reviews can be erased for many reasons :

  • The user may have erased his review
  • Blanee could have erased a review that infringed the Terms of use.

Does Blanee erase negative reviews if a business owners pays for it ?

Absolutely not ! Blanee’s clients and others are treated the same way. Blanee only erases reviews that infringue the Terms of use.

How are reviews sorted on business pages ?

Reviews are sorted from the most recent to the oldest.

How are search results sorted?

Search results are sorted from the best to the worst rated.


How to activate my Blanee account ?

Once you completed your registration, your account will be active.

How to change my information ?

In order to edit your profile or change your profile’s information, log in Blanee and click on the link « My account ». You can then change your profile’s information.

How to change my email’s address?

Your email address can be changed in “My account”. You would then need to go to the submenu “Email”.

Who can see my name ?

Only your first name and the initial of your last name (for instance, Sarah T.) will show in the app. If you choose a nickname, your initial will be replaced by the nickname.

Can I use Blanee with multiple accounts ?

No. You cannot write multiple reviews with several accounts about the same business. Your accounts may be deactivated temporarily or permanently.

What are favorites ?

Favorites are similar to your browser’s favorites. These are business that you added to find them easier later, or that you rated 4 or more.

How to remove someone from my friend list ?

Go to your profile and choose the submenu « Friends », then click on « Erase ». You can also go to your friend’s profile and click on “Remove from friends”.

What does « Follow this Blaner » mean ?

By clicking on this link on a user’s profile, you can follow his review easier on the app. Hence, it’s his review that will show first on a business page and you will be able to see on a page all followed Blaners’ reviews.

Write reviews

What is a good review ?

Reviews on Blanee are useful, funny and cool because people like you take the time to share their experiences about businesses and local services.

Best reviews are personal and tend to offer useful suggestions, maybe even a tip of two. Most useful reviews mention sometimes unique qualities that make a business special or the type of people that would like the place.

You can update your review if you have something new to share about the business.

What can I review ?

All local businesses, services or places that are on Blanee.

Can I review a business I work in/with?

You should not review your own business or a business you work in or have worked in.

What should I do if the business offers me something for free or a discount?

You should never accept discounts or freebies against a good reviews. For instance, if a restaurant owner offers you a free meal against a good review, you shouldn’t accept the offer.

However, you can talk in your review about freebies or discounts offered independently from your review. It can of course constitute a positive element in your review. Blanee only welcomes real and honest reviews, so we’d be happy that you’d share your reviews but let us know the whole story.

What if I had a bad experience? Can I write a negative review?

Of course. We want you to share your good and bad experiences. Make sure to include all the interesting facts and details.

Whatever your review is, good or bad, please keep in mind that your opinions are generally protected but that the fact of writing false information can lead to legal proceedings.

Does Blanee erase my reviews ?

Rarely. However, in some cases, a member of the Blanee team can erase a review if it doesn’t follow these rules :

  • Secondhand experiences and rumors : For instance, you cannot review a business negatively because your friend said that the sushis are bad. Your review must be about your own personal experience, not others’.
  • Personal attacks and lack of relevance : Reviews mustn’t contain personal attacks or hate speech.
  • Copy : Use your own words to talk about your experience and do not copy/paste another website’s content.
  • Conflicts of interest : Your reviews must be objective and unbiased.
  • Fake review : A competitor must not issue a negative opinion simply because it is a competitor.

Invite my friends

How to invite my friends ?

Blanee is much better with friends ! In order to invite them, click on the menu’s tab named “Invite my friends”. You can then choose to invite your friends by entering their emails one by one separated by commas, import your contacts by entering your email’s address and email’s password, or invite your Facebook friends.

Is there a risk to provide my email’s password ?

Absolutely none. Your password is encrypted and invisible on our servers.


What does Blanee do with my personal information ?

We take your privacy very seriously and we hate spam much more than you do. Please take some time to check our Privacy policy in order to have a clear idea about how your personal data is used.

Business photos

What type of photos should I add to businesses ?

Photos must represent really businesses and shouldn’t be an extension of your review. It should show how the business really is. In some rare cases, we erase content that doesn’t follow these rules:

  • Lack of relevance : Photos of the inside and outside are very good but close-ups of your friends should rather be on your profiles.
  • Errors : Photos uploaded by mistake that you didn’t notice.
  • Every photo that infringes the Terms of use.