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Dr Smith Darryl Aubrey

5.0 star rating 5.0 star rating 5.0 star rating 5.0 star rating 5.0 star rating 04/04/2017

  • Suite 105 Linksfield Park Clinic, 24 12 Th Avenue, Linksfield West
  • 2192
  • Johannesburg

Dr Darryl Smith is a living testament to Dr / Patient care and utmost attention
Dr Smith has been looking after Tania Moodley for over 10 years now
from the time that other Dr's gave up on Her till now
How can one express their deep gratitude to such a humble giant
who put all patients first

Thank You Dr Smith and Our Friend Kim Bassinger who put Us in touch with You

kind regards
Morgan and Tania Moodley

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