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Salon Aitmaten

1.0 star rating 1.0 star rating 1.0 star rating 1.0 star rating 1.0 star rating 06/01/2016

  • 8, place Chrib Atay
  • Essaouira

I read about Salon Aitmaten in an in-flight magazine. So I figured that if this place could make it in there, it must be good. Wow, how wrong I was.
I asked for a medium fade skin with nothing off the top, with a slight beard trim. My beard is my pride, I love length and fullness. But it was getting more shaggy, so I asked for a trim.
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt your heart sink? That's what happened to me. In 22 years, I have never had a haircut this bad. There was no fade, it was just short. the hair on top was untouched, but without the fade I look like a chicken. The worst, and truly the saddest was seeing that despite the fact that I asked for a small trim, this man cut everything. It was all gone, what was left was stubble. he took 4 inches off my beard.
DO NOT go here, don't give this man your time. If you saw his ad in the Easyjet travel book, steer clear! I've never worn a hat before, but rest assured tomorrow I will. This is so embarrassing.

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